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Arash AF10 at Geneva Motor Show 2016 Mar 3, 2016

Motor shows are recognized for crazy concepts and-out hypercars, and there’s always a minumum of one exhibit that tries to top the horsepower stakes. At Geneva Motor Show today, it's originate from Arash Motor Company. The car maker has revealed the AF10 - a monstrous hybrid hypercar having a combined power figure of two,080bhp from the supercharged V8 engine and electric motors.

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That power figure is split with 900bhp from the engine and 1,180bhp in the electric motors. Arash rather optimistically calls the machine ‘Warp Drive’ - clearly hinting in the speed available. The combined grunt will obtain the AF10 from -62mph in only 2.8 seconds - an amount without doubt assisted through the four-wheel-drive system. The vehicle will will continue to a high speed of approximately 200mph.

The hybrid AF10 relies round the existing vehicle, that was formerly only accessible having a V8 engine creating 550bhp. The hybrid model ups that to 900bhp on the top from the extra supplied by the electrical motors.

The AF10 is built around a carbon-fibre tub just like a McLaren P1, which not just adds strength, it can make the vehicle very light. Lightness is really a feature from the AF10, with Arash declaring the entire ‘Warp Drive’ powertrain weighs in at only 280kg - despite that contains a 6.2-litre V8 engine, four electric motors and five gearboxes!

If you wish to dominate 2,000bhp to the track, Arash has your back - the vehicle could be provided like a racer, filled with roll cage, fire extinguisher, intercom, and more importantly a lightning bolt pattern lower along side it.

However, all of this power comes in a cost - a cost beginning from £1.a million. Individuals who do not have quite much cash burning an opening within their pocket can choose the more pedestrian, 550bhp V8-only vehicle, costing from £350,000. But if you wish to have fun with big figures and humiliate Bugatti Veyron proprietors using their measly 1,184bhp, the Arash AF10 hybrid may be the vehicle to choose.

Or perhaps is it? Regardless of the 2,080bhp drivetrain, the AF10’s -62mph duration of 2.8 seconds could be beaten by a range of cars - the Veyron, LaFerrari, McLaren P1 as well as the Porsche 911 Turbo S. All individuals cars will easily top the AF10’s stated 201mph top speed.

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